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teenage romance - juice diet for intermediate users

teenage romance - juice diet for intermediate users

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Juice diet for intermediate users, natural juices, served in glass containers. Freshly squeezed using the cold press method.

The first steps are already behind you. Now it's time for more involvement - meeting friends, introducing yourself to parents, spending a weekend together. You already know what to expect, so you make the most of every second of your time together. It's not always easy, but the potential benefits outweigh the losses. After all, sometimes it's worth losing your head for someone valuable.

After spending time together, you feel so light that you float above the ground, and when the meeting comes to an end, you are already planning the next one. teenage romance is the next step in juicy engagement!

Teenage romance is the next step in juice commitment! There are more vegetable and fruit juices in it.

The set includes:

  1. morning runner - lemonade filtered water + lemon + ginger + turmeric + cayenne pepper (500 ml)
  2. iron man - beetroot + apple + ginger + turmeric + cordyceps + black pepper (500 ml)
  3. sidekick - apple + white cabbage + celery + fennel + milk thistle (500 ml)
  4. fixer - pineapple + celery + cucumber + lemon + moringa powder (500 ml)
  5. eco freak - apple + kale + lemon + ginger + linseed oil (500 ml)
  6. princess - apple + red cabbage + ginger + pomegranate (500 ml)

The price of the set includes 6 drinks of 500 ml each, i.e. 1 day of treatment. If you are interested in more days, increase the number of sets :)

Due to shortages in wholesalers, our juice sets are served in PET bottles until further notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expiry date of the products?

our products are made to order, we do not use preservatives to create them, and our juices are not pasteurized to preserve all vitamins and minerals in the bottle. This means that our products have a relatively short shelf life - juices up to 3 days, as well as cakes and dumplings.

Where can I order your products?

Currently, we make deliveries in Krakow and the surrounding area, but also to Warsaw, Tricity, Poznań, Łódź and Wrocław.

What raw materials are your products made of?

The best! We pay great attention to the quality of our raw materials. We order local vegetables and fruits directly from farmers, some of the raw materials we use are certified organic.