choose a juice diet for yourself

juice diet - basics

What is a juice diet?

In other words, juice detox is a type of fasting that can help you change your eating habits, nourish and strengthen your body, and increase your body's immunity. For a few days, you drink only our freshly squeezed, organic juices. Thanks to this, you fill your body with vitamins, minerals and properly hydrate it!

Why with us?

We will be honest with you - we are obsessed with the safety and health of our products.

After thoroughly washing each raw material, it is ozonated - a natural way to get rid of microorganisms that could negatively affect the quality of the raw material.

Moreover , we want our juices to strengthen your body as much as possible, so we add plant extracts, superfoods, herbs, spices, everything to increase their beneficial effect on your health!

Which set should I choose?

You can choose from our 3 sets - each was consulted with a dietitian to make your experience safe and pleasant.

For people who are trying the juice diet for the first time, we offer first crush - a set for beginners that has the highest calorie content and most fruit and fruit and vegetable juices.

For people who have already experienced the juice diet, we offer the teenage romance set, it contains more vegetable and fruit items and is slightly lower in calories than the beginner's set.

For true juice lovers, we offer endless love, a set with the lowest calorie content and the most vegetable content!

How long?

If you decide to go on a juice diet for the first time, we suggest 3 days - this is the minimum period needed for you to feel the positive effects of juice cleansing. For the first time, it is also difficult to predict how your body will react, so it is better to start with 3 days, and then after a month decide on a longer period.