juice diets and sets

do you need cleansing, are you thinking about starting a diet or nourishing your body? our juice diets are the solution for you!

cold press juices

choose your favorite juice flavors and create your set.

nut pastes

simple ingredients, no artificial additives and delicious! these are our nut pastes.

power balls!

a small sweet snack based on nuts and delicious organic dates.


Sugar-free, vegan breakfast cereals. Based on gluten-free oat flakes, sweetened with maple syrup.

for sandwiches

what do vegans eat for breakfast? SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS! try oyster mushrooms a la herring, vegan tartare, eggless paste and smoked carrots!

let's go get some dumplings

delicious plant dumplings! handmade with unique stuffings that even meat eaters will love! Dumplings are delivered cooked, with a shelf life of 3 days.