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You must admit that pierogi are the most Polish comfort food. Salty or sweet, with onion, cream in any composition. Everyone has their own favorite way of serving. Our thought when creating our dumpling brand - to make it as tasty as grandma's, but in a plant-based version!

AND HOW DID IT START? In our first restaurant, we made dumplings for Christmas and our customers liked them so much that they asked when we would make them again :) So we had no choice :)

  • good composition

    our dumplings have a short composition! the dough contains only flour, water, oil and salt! We do not use preservatives or artificial additives!

  • Handmade

    we make all dumplings by hand :)

  • vegan

    all dumplings have 100% plant ingredients, from the dough to the delicious fillings!

  • non-meat

    Even though it looks like meat stuffing, we promise that the ingredients are 100% plant-based! The composition includes lentils, onion, oil, tamari soy sauce, salt and pepper.

  • non-Russian

    our dumpling adventures began with them, we replaced the typical cheese in the stuffing with smoked tofu, thanks to which the dumplings win the hearts of not only herbivores. Ingredients are: potatoes, smoked tofu, onion, salt and pepper.

  • apple

    apples cut into cubes and mixed with cinnamon and cane sugar make a wonderful dumpling dessert.
    The dough for all dumplings is vegan, we make them from wheat flour, oil, water and salt.

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order with delivery!

You can order our dumplings with delivery. Freshly made and cooked. You can heat them in boiling water or in a pan, and add a separately packed onion. Remember: fresh dumplings should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 2 days of receiving the shipment.

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