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benefits of a juice diet

Cleansing, hydration and nutrition are just some of the benefits of the juice diet, read and see how you can benefit!


It is true that our body is perfectly capable of removing toxins and all harmful substances from the body on its own. However, the food you provide it either helps it or provides additional work. Processed foods, products rich in fat, white sugar, large amounts of animal products add more work to our body. It is worth remembering that even healthy products - such as vegetables and fruit - may contain residues of pesticides and other plant protection products. It is extremely important to wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly because at this stage you can get rid of unnecessary substances that you do not want to eat :)

The juices that make up our juice diet are rich in substances that accelerate the cleansing of the body - moringa, milk thistle, ginger and turmeric. Moreover, they are made only from ecological ingredients, which provides your body with excellent fuel to support the body's natural cleansing mechanisms.


Our body is constantly attacked by bacteria, viruses and fungi - it copes with everything perfectly on a daily basis. After all, inflammation is our body's signal that it is starting to fight the threat. Naturally, the body fights the threat and returns to normal. When the condition is serious, we go to the doctor and he prescribes appropriate medications. However, what we often forget about or sometimes ignore is the chronic inflammation that occurs in our body. They most often manifest themselves with constant fatigue, joint pain, troublesome cough or itchy skin. We often cause this situation ourselves - with poor nutrition, short sleep, lack of exercise and constant stress. If the symptoms are bothersome, see a doctor! Ignoring the issue may lead to serious illnesses.

However, if you feel that something is wrong and you want to help your body, we encourage you to try the juice diet! Our juices contain ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties and will give your body additional ammunition to fight!


Unfortunately, more and more people suffer from digestive system problems. The cause is often stress, inappropriate and irregular diet or overeating. Later, we experience bloating, abdominal pain and constipation. Today, there is more and more talk about bacterial flora. It largely determines what you want to eat. The bacteria that grow in our digestive system reflect our daily activity, diet and stress level. In 2017, research was published showing that a diet consisting of vegetable and fruit juices has a positive effect on the bacterial flora [1]. There are also more and more studies showing the positive impact of fasting (especially intermittent fasting) on ​​the diversity of flora. bacterial. If you suffer from diseases caused by improper functioning of the digestive system, it is best to see a doctor or dietician, no diet can replace treatment by a specialist. However, if you have symptoms that sometimes bother you, a juice diet may be what you are looking for - you will reduce inflammation in the body, you will feel light and say goodbye to constant flatulence.


The juice diet includes only freshly squeezed cold press juices. What does that even mean? To produce our juices, we use a hydraulic press that we imported straight from the USA. This is where the cold press juice market is the most developed and, therefore, the technology is the most advanced. The juice production process involves crushing vegetables and fruits and then pressing them slowly, thanks to pressure of up to almost 2 tons. This allows you to squeeze everything out of vegetables and fruits while maintaining their highest nutritional value. Then we quickly close the juices in glass bottles and put them in the fridge, which allows them to preserve their nutritional value. Our juices contain only the best, organic vegetables and fruits. Did you know that organic vegetables and fruits have a higher polyphenol content than conventional ones? Some studies also indicate a higher content of vitamins and minerals with less contamination with plant protection product residues. However, above all, juices are extracts from vegetables and fruits, squeezing 500 ml of juice sometimes yields up to 1 kg of vegetables and fruits! And from them all the best for your body - a vitamin bomb that will help you nourish your body.


Do you know that your body's need for water is 30 ml for each kilogram of body? Have you calculated how much it is for you? Probably definitely more than 1.5 liters. We need water for the proper functioning of our body. However, it is sometimes difficult to remember this - the juice diet is a daily dose of 3 liters of juice in 6 half-liter bottles. You can be sure that a few days of the juice diet will help you properly hydrate your body. And the reward? Beautiful skin! The most important thing in taking care of your skin and complexion is proper hydration.


In our opinion, this is one of the most positive aspects of the juice diet. A few days on juices will allow you to discover new reserves of energy, improve the quality of your sleep and improve your well-being - really! I discovered that I could sleep less and feel fantastic - many clients agreed with my opinion. However, what many companies do not talk about is the headache, which most often appears at the very beginning of the juice diet, most often associated with giving up coffee. However, it is worth taking this into account if you are planning a particularly intense day at work or an important meeting.


I believe that prevention is better than cure and this applies primarily to our immunity. If we take care of it properly throughout the year, we won't be afraid of epidemics at work or a coughing family. Therefore, it is worth enriching your diet with products that naturally strengthen immunity - ginger or garlic, which are natural antibiotics, bromelain in pineapple or turmeric, which in combination with black pepper has an anti-inflammatory effect, or citrus fruits, which are dominated by vitamin C. All these substances are worth introducing. to your diet, and in juices they are available in the most accessible form.


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