Wegańskie bajgle w Krakowie! czyli nowości w naszym menu

Vegan bagels in Krakow! i.e. new products in our menu

We invite you to try our new bagels! You can order them at our place at ul. Ślusarska.

Two flavors available and two more coming in the next few days!

Currently you can try:

💕 oyster mushroom a la herring with onion, cashew cheese, cucumber, lettuce,
💕 smoked carrot, cashew cheese, cucumber, red onion, lettuce
from the weekend will also be available:
💕 beetroot hummus, cucumber, avocado
💕 eggless paste, spring onion, tomato, pickled cucumber
We heat the bagels before serving, so they are not only deliciously filled, but also wonderfully crispy and warm.
Bagels are the answer to your questions when we will introduce savory breakfasts <3 now you can come to us for delicious breakfast coffee with a bagel!
They are also available for companies, so if you are looking for an interesting breakfast offer for employees, be sure to try our vegan bagels.
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