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Vegan Easter

What to do for a vegan Easter?

Are eggs and pâtés dominating the tables this Christmas? What substitutes should you suggest to host vegans at home?

The basis is vegan sour soup - prepared on the basis of vegetable stock, you can add smoked tofu, boletes, potatoes, and whiten the whole thing with vegan cream, we recommend the one made from cashews.

Instead of eggs, it is worth preparing an eggless paste - its secret ingredient responsible for the eggy flavor is black salt, which, thanks to its high sulfur content, perfectly imitates an egg :) Our favorite paste is based on tofu, but you can also find those made from chickpeas.

As a snack, you can serve fish dishes, for example oyster mushrooms, herring, smoked carrots, or salmon.

Vegetable salad has a special place on every Easter table - its composition depends on family tradition, but all vegetables have mayonnaise in common; in the case of vegans, you can find a special vegan version made without eggs.

Finally, for dessert you can choose a vegan cashew cheesecake. Delicious creamy cake will win even the most traditional carnivorous hearts :)

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