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Does juice detox work?

Each of you has probably already heard about juice detox. Many myths have arisen around it, and the world is slowly divided into its huge opponents and supporters who are almost believers in its healing properties. Are you wondering where it all started and what impact a juice detox can really have on you? Today we will try to share with you the results of our search.

This is the most common information among sellers of juice diets: the only, best and fastest way to remove toxins from the body. However, can drinking a few juices remove large deposits of toxins that pollute your body from the inside? The answer is simple - no, because our body is perfectly capable of removing harmful substances on its own. If it accumulated everything harmful that we get from food, air or water, it would mean that it did not work very well and we would quickly end up in hospital. Even though our body has the ability to heal itself, it does not work like in science fiction movies, where a hero who is stabbed in the leg quickly grows back a limb (unfortunately!). Our body works slower and more subtle - it heals and cleanses itself, but we can either help it or hinder it. When we eat a lot of processed, fried food every day and add sweet carbonated drinks or alcohol, we have a rather sedentary lifestyle and we live in a big city where smog covers the city from November to late spring, this burdens our body, and juice detox can be helpful. Juice bottles contain a huge amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that will nourish your body and support natural cleansing processes.

Don't change your diet, just your eating habits - this is the mantra of many dietitians and it is impossible to disagree with it. No diet gives long-term results. What is most important is your daily eating habits. They shape your health, well-being and weight. There are no quick diets that will solve your problems. What always matters is the calorie deficit, if you burn more calories than you take in, you start to lose weight. Easier said than done. How to change eating habits at all? It is in this case that we most recommend juice diets - as the first step to a serious change in eating habits. For 1 to 3 days, you only supply juices to your body, which will release new energy, shrink your stomach (which will later reduce your hunger), and you will also lose a few kilograms, but it will be mainly water. If you want to maintain the positive effects, the most important thing will be what you do after detox. This is a great first step, the next steps are up to you.

In our opinion, this is one of the most positive aspects of juice detox. A few days on juices will allow you to discover new reserves of energy, improve the quality of your sleep and improve your well-being - really! I discovered that I could sleep less and feel fantastic - many clients agreed with my opinion. However, what many companies do not talk about is the headache that most often appears at the very beginning of detox, most often associated with giving up coffee. However, it is worth taking this into account if you are planning a particularly intense day at work or an important meeting.

Unfortunately, more and more people suffer from digestive system problems. The cause is often stress, inappropriate and irregular diet or overeating. Later, we experience bloating, abdominal pain and constipation. Today, there is more and more talk about bacterial flora. It largely determines what you want to eat. The bacteria that grow in our digestive system reflect our daily activity, diet and stress level. In 2017, research was published showing that a diet consisting of vegetable and fruit juices has a positive effect on the bacterial flora [1]. There are also more and more studies showing the positive impact of fasting (especially intermittent fasting) on ​​the diversity of bacterial flora. If you suffer from diseases caused by improper functioning of the digestive system, it is best to see a doctor, no diet can replace treatment by a specialist. However, if you have symptoms that sometimes bother you, a juice diet may be what you are looking for - you will reduce inflammation in the body, you will feel light and say goodbye to constant flatulence.

We believe that juices, especially those containing huge amounts of vegetables, are good for everyone. However, the juice diet itself is a type of fasting that we do not recommend to everyone and always. We especially do not recommend detox if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have diabetes. If you suffer from chronic diseases or are under constant care of a doctor, it is best to contact him before you decide to undergo a juice detox.

Some people believe that any type of purification is best carried out using ecological raw materials, or even if it is possible to choose only ecological raw materials. We believe that it is always better to eat vegetables and fruits than not. However, we always choose ecological raw materials. There are several reasons - pesticides and other plant protection products often remain on products. You have probably heard several cases of fruit and vegetables being withdrawn from well-known chains due to too high concentrations of some compound. That's why it's so important to wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly! We can confirm with complete certainty that organic raw materials taste better than conventional ones.

Research shows that organic vegetables contain more polyphenols, and some also indicate a higher content of vitamins and minerals. However, what is extremely important to us is the impact on the environment, unwise and excessive use of pesticides contributes to the deterioration of the soil, pollutes groundwater and has a terrible impact on the health of people working in spraying. However, the manufacturer's declaration on the use of organic vegetables is not sufficient; only if the producer has an ecological certificate, you can be sure that organic raw materials were used to produce the juices.

In our opinion, juice detox is a tool like any other, it can be used well or badly. A quick juice diet will not help you painlessly lose the weight you have accumulated over the years, but it may be a good first step to changing your eating habits. It will help you strengthen your body from the inside, providing huge amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, hydrating it and giving it energy. However, this is not a quick fix for all the nutritional mistakes of the past. Eating well requires daily effort and thoughtful choices. Juice detox will allow you to pay more attention to how what you eat affects your well-being. Preparing for detox itself will help you discover which foods have a better and worse effect on you. However, in healthy eating, the most important thing is your daily habits - the more nutritious products, vegetables and fruits, the better you will feel. Remember!

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