chodźże na pierogi! wegańskie pierogi na szybko - i historia ich powstania :)

let's get dumplings! quick vegan dumplings - and the history of their creation :)

Get to know our new brand of vegan dumplings! The fillings are very reminiscent of meat and Russian ones, and the delicious soft dough will remind you of Grandma's dumplings!

Do you also think that dumplings are the best comfort food? Various fillings wrapped in delicious soft dough. Sounds delicious? I thought so too, what can go wrong with dumplings? It turns out a lot!

With naive optimism, I started searching for the perfect vegan dumplings. I tried it in restaurants and supermarkets - frozen and fresh, but I still felt unsatisfied.

Because my grandma made the best dumplings and how can you beat that?

So I tried to make them myself! My first dumplings may not have been a total failure, but the hard dough when rolled helped me burn more calories than many visits to the gym. I must admit that neither Grandma's tips, who said she made the dough by eye, nor the story of my mother, who told me that once in her life she made dumplings, and not only did she make dumplings for half a day, but they all fell apart while cooking because they didn't stick together well, were helpful. .

However, neither the lack of a recipe nor the poor family history of dumplings dampened my enthusiasm. There were many attempts, and the more often I made dumplings, the better they turned out :) When I reached a satisfactory level as an amateur dumpling maker, I started to think further.

I must admit that I tried to resist making raw nest dumplings for Christmas, knowing what sizes the Christmas orders take. The pandemic had to come and fate forced me to expand the Christmas offer ;)

For the first time, when our dumplings appeared in the Christmas offer, the orders exceeded our expectations, after good feedback, a year later we made even more dumplings, and the voices about adding dumplings to our regular offer were getting louder.

What can you say - the customer is our Lord :) that's why for several months you have been able to order our vegan dumplings at Raw Nest :) they are also available with delivery via applications: uber eats, wolt, bolt food.

They can also be ordered on our delivery website or at Strefa Studencka UJ at ul. Saint Anna 6 ;)

Try it yourself and see if our vegan dumplings resemble Grandma's best ones :)

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